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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance and improve the quality of life of our clients by offering services and activities that promote health, safety, companionship, and fun delivered by committed and well-trained staff members.

About Silver Time Adult Day Health Care Center LLC

three caregivers wearing different colors of uniformAt our adult day care center, we strive to provide your loved one with the support and assistance they need as they go through the numerous ups and downs of aging. Our center offers an avenue where they can receive medical attention and engage in fun activities at the same time. We promise consistency and security. With the help of our staff members, we offer educational, physical, and social programs that enable your loved one to live their life to the fullest potential.

Besides giving your loved one a place where they can spend time socializing among peers, we also give the family member the peace of mind and rest they need. You can focus on work and other responsibilities without having to worry about their safety and well-being. By trusting us, you are making a good decision for you and your loved one.

caregiver assisting elderly man